My Journey

My Journey

Thank you for following your inspiration to come here!

Hello everyone! I'm Marianne Howard - a senior with a passion for fitness who loves to inspire others to feel good through the medicine of movement. In 1978 I graduated Cum Laude from The University of Ohio with a degree in Physical Education. I'm also a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor, and have enjoyed teaching at numerous gyms and private communities for over 20 years.

Although I have experience teaching all ages and skill levels, I have a special affection for helping my fellow seniors achieve a healthly lifestyle!

Many of my classes include chair fitness with weights, bands, and balls. Also, I have guided many meditation classes to help develop both mental and spiritual well being. I would love to develop a personalized "magical mix" to your needs to help you live a heathier and happier life.We will discuss your interests and create a personalized program just for you! Please do not hesitate to give me the opportunity to answer any of your questions.


Marianne Howard
7277 Via Leonardo
Lake Worth, FL 33467

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